Community Organizations

Walnut Creek Police Association (only candidate endorsed)

Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce

Elected and Appointed Officials

Eddie Adair – Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Deborah Allen – BART Board Member
Tim Argenti – Chair Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce (ret)
Jared Asch – Transportation Commission
Rocco Biale – Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Bob Brown – Chair of Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce (ret)
Rich Carlston – Mayor of Walnut Creek (ret)
Casey Case – Vice Chair Design Review Commission
Paul Causey – Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Spencer Dress – DRAA Board Member
Lanny Edwards – Your Parks, Your Future Member
James Fidelibus – Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce of Commerce
Matthew Guichard – Chair of Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Merle Hall – Mayor of Walnut Creek (ret)
Eric Harrison – Planning Commission (ret)
Robert Kearsley – Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission
Brian Killian – Chair of Design Review Commission
Arsen Kitch – President Woodlands Association (ret)
Iasmine Klauber – Arts Commission
Charles Kreling – Design Review Commission
Kristina Lawson – Mayor of Walnut Creek (ret)
Lynne Leach – California Assemblywoman (ret)
Peter Lezak – Vice Chair Planning Commission
Eugene McGrane – Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Ann Meridith – Vice Chair Arts Commission
Brendan Moran – Chair of Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission
Jasun Molinelli – Contra Costa Library Commission
Frank Napoli – Contra Costa Advisory Council on Aging
Iman Novin – Planning Commission (ret)
Art Oiler – Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission
Bob Picket – Chair of Planning Commission
Ken Strongman – Planning Commission
Ed Wohlers – President Woodlands Association (ret)

Community Members

Eddie Adair
Deborah Allen
Tim Argenti
Jarad and Rebecca Asch
Rocco Biale
Bob and Kim Brown
Rich Carlston
Casey Case
Paul Causey
Fran Cavenaugha
Al Clark
Eleanor Clark

Clint Collier
Donna Colombo
Jason Cooke

William Cottrell
Jim Croy
Michael Denunzio
Bob Drakes
David and Janet Drakes
Gina Drakes
Ken Dixen
Spencer Dress
Jeff Dudum
Lanny Edwards
Richard Einstoss
Joyce Ellis
Patricia Farris

Barbara Ferrigno
James Fidelibus
Camile Giglio

Dennis and Sharon Greene
Doug Greenwood
Matthew Guichard
Merle Hall

Vandi Hamidi
Eric Harrison
Sol Henik

Carolie Hensley
Victoria Hipkiss
Mildred Hipkiss
Eileen and Johan Hultin

Shirley Jackson
Rohit Joy
Robert Kearsley

Molly and Kai Khammanivong
Brian Killian

Kenneth King
Arsen Kitch

Denise and Doug Krah
Iasmine Klauber
Charles Kreling

Kristina and Matt Lawson
Lynne and Bob Leach
Joan Leonard

Steve and Mackenzie lesher
Peter Lezak

William McConnell
Eugene McGrane
Sue and Charles McPhee

Connie and Paul Menzies
Peter and Jean Meredith
Hardy and Paula Miller

James and Dorothy Mills
Jasun Molinelli

Brendan Moran
Barbara Moreland
Frank Napoli
Chris and Bob Ness
Iman Novin

Thomas Oakes
Art Oiler
Thema Olsen
Mike Parker

Walter Parsons
Bob Picket
Dan Popovich
Ruth Reeves
Richard Rubin
Eva Rigney
Ken and Sheri Rosen
Eva Rugby

Patricia Scott
Owen Smith
Ken Strongman

Annette Thomson
Nina Tychinin
Catherine Welcome

Claire and Joan Weenig
Suzie White
Ed and Micki Wohlers

(partial list)